Friday, August 21, 2009

Rouge Roulette

Bleu's brains and perceptions worked quickly, as they always did when she sensed danger. She could feel from the way the four men that were escorting her carried themselves: the way they moved, the way they unconsciously patted the almost imperceptible bulges in their jackets, these were no mere casino bouncers. Bleu knew paid killers when she saw them. They had disturbed her game of craps where she was giving the house a good run for its money under the pretence of inviting her to the VIP suite. She wracked her brains. How could she have been made already? Was there an error in her briefing? Or was there a traitor within the organisation? Whatever the reason, she thought, it didn't matter if she wasn't alive to investigate it. The thug in front pressed the button to the elevator. She needed to be away before it arrived or her chances of survival would dramatically decrease. The elevator door opened, she heard a telltale click from under the jacket of the one that spoke "After you miss," He said in a way too polite manner. Bleu returned with her warmest smile. "No, after you," She replied, and quicker than lightning she let out with a powerful kick, jamming her three inch stilleto in the man's jaw. Without losing a second, she kneed the next man close to her in the stomach to halt his attempt to grab her. Bleu took off at full speed back the way she came. Grabbing her small pistol from her purse she bolted full speed into the main casino, it was time to make a quick getaway. From the hurried footsteps behind her, she knew she was still being pursued. Shedding her cumbersome heels without a second thought the spy hurdled a large roulette table in the way. Bleu gritted her teeth made a solemn vow that if she got out of this one, someone was going to pay: pay her back for all the craps winnings she had just been forced to leave behind.

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